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How can you stay ahead of this down turned economic crunch?

This precarious economy has given some Med spas the motivation to rethink their business approach and strategize not just on creative ways to build new business, but on ways to retain existing customers. Combining existing services by creatively packaging those services together.
I believe it would be a key mistake for med spas to assume people will stop spending disposable income on cosmetic procedures. Obviously, no business escapes the impact of an economic downturn. However, our aging population is remains very focused on appearance and is still willing to funnel disposable income into achieving a more youthful appearance. They are being much choosier where they decide to spend their money. Did you know that 30% our nations population controls 75% of the national gross income. A majority of them are Baby Boomers… Which is our target market!

A Med Spa needs to broaden the extent of their products and services to offer a range of price choices, and diversifying your menu of services to include less expensive alternatives such as facials, Botox treatments and fillers. And packaging them together.

Boyert Medical Spa Consulting has developed an exciting way to do just that… By introducing several newly developed procedures to help give my valued clients the edge needed to stay ahead in today’s competitive market place. By incorporating my Beauty Boot Camp in your business has proven to not only expand your existing data base but to bring in new clients by word of mouth referrals. We all know that a happy client on average will refer 3-5 other clients!

The Boyert Spa Consulting developed procedures will help your clients feel and look their best without surgery. These new techniques help redefine the jaw line, sculpt the face and body, to give them a ” Timeless look.”

The new techniques combined with the Neferitti the “Timeless lift” which is a beautiful but natural look.

And has become one of my most popular procedures I perform when I travel.

TV Interview with Terri on the
contouring and skin tightening treatment.



Boyert Med Spa Consulting Beauty Boot Camp!

Redefining Beauty at any age!




Beauty Boot Camps are an effective way to bring excitement into your practice by bringing new techniques that offer little to no down time!

Beauty Boot Camps are not only fun but they also generate additional income into your business. You don’t even have to do any of the treatments. I furnish all medical supplies including the Carboxy .

Example menu of services offered by Terri in a Beauty Boot Camp

Facial Contouring, Body Contouring , Carboxy therapy, Medical Microdermabrasion, Unique chemical peels, Facial éclat (A new skin rejuvenation procedure from Paris.) Timeless Lift, Nefertiti neck lift, Cellulite reduction, (This really works) Dermal Fillers and Spider vein treatment for the legs.

Beauty Boot Camp Over View:

Typically a Beauty Boot Camp begins with an evening pre-launch seminar. The seminar is designed to be both informative & interactive to motivate the participants to schedule an appointment for a consultation and schedule their treatments!

How does doing a Beauty Boot Camp benefit my practice?

  • Brings an excitement into the practice!
  • Gives you a competitive edge by learning new techniques.
  • Will bring existing clients back to your practice.
  • Add new clients to your database.
  • Generates revenue.

How long do you need to prepare for the event?

3-4 weeks is enough time on average to be prepared.

How many days is recommended to block for a Beauty Boot camp?

Typically Tuesday through Saturday, once a month depending on the response and the needs of the spa.

What day is best to do the seminar on?

Research has shown that Tuesday at 6:30 pm are the best for the seminar events.

How do I get started?

Once you have committed to a date and to the terms, we will begin sending your clinic the information needed to successfully incorporate this into you spa, as well examples of flyer’s you can use as a template to advertise the event.

Why Boyert Medical Spa consulting?

By offering your clients unique Boyert Med Spa only procedures that are specifically targeted to reverse both genetics and time. One of the many facial procedures offered is “The facial éclat ” ( éclat means to glow beautifully) which not only firms the skin but causes dramatic changes in the health of the skin by stimulating the DNA. Both Madonna and Demi Moore have been quoted saying, I go to Paris for this procedure.

Depending on the clients needs and desired goals, also offered are procedures to redefine the jaw line, sculpt the face, and give a beautiful cheek lift. Often times the client will opt for a combination of these procedures called the “Timeless Lift” for timeless results! And for the client desiring body contouring is an effective treatment for cellulite. HydroSculpting TM and LipoSculpting TM. are both result driven procedures with minimum down time…. These procedures are exclusive Boyert Medical Spa treatments.

And don’t forget… I bring all the medical supplies for the injectable procedures along with the portable equipment needed for treatments.

Please review the provided links more information. HydroSculpt | Carbon Dioxide Therapy | LipoSculpt

There are several ways to incorporate this into your practice. For more information contact Terri Boyert at terri@beautybootcamps.com

Below are examples of the ” Timeless Lift” Beauty Boot Camp after photos were taken 3 weeks post.

1st appt: Fillers to cheeks, lips and nasal labial folds. 

HydroSculpting to lower eye fat pads and lower face along with Full face Carboxy

2nd appt: Carboxy full face.

3rd appt: Botox brow lift & Nefertiti neck tightening.

1st appt: HydroSculpting (lower face contouring) treated jowls, fat pads under eyes. Carboxy for skin tightening and rejuvenation 

2nd appt: 2- syringes of fillers; nasal labial folds and fillers for a cheek lift. Followed with full face Carboxy for skin tightening and general rejuvenation.

3rd appt:
Botox to frown lines and forehead and Nefertiti neck tightening.

Introducing the Nefertiti Lift procedure!

The Nefertiti Lift… An exciting new procedure I now offer to rediscover a more youthful jaw line and neck. “Nefertiti” The look of an ancient royal Egyptian female statue-referred to as “Nefertiti” who was queen and chief wife of the Pharaoh.

A well defined jaw line with a long neck has been a sign of beauty since the time of the Egyptians.

“Nefertiti” – The look of an ancient royal Egyptian female statue-referred to as “Nefertiti” who was queen and chief wife of Pharaoh.

A well defined jaw line with a long neck has been a sign of beauty since the time of the Egyptians. This new procedure which creates a well toned, smooth neck, and lifted jaw line was named after Queen Nefertiti, whose bone structure continues to be admired in modern times.

The Nefertiti Lift is an exciting new technique using Botox and placing injections of Botox along the lower jaw line as well as down the side of the neck along the platysmal muscle to improve the definition of the jaw line, re-balance the underlying muscles and provide “lifting” in the neck and jaw area. For more information on how to bring these new procedure to your clinic contact me at the information provided below.

Before and After Examples of the Nefertiti Lift

example of combined treatments

Also offering… New Botox techniques, Chemical Face Lifts, Lip Enhancement,

**And the NEW Non-Surgical Lower Face Lift, Filler, HydroSculpting for facial & body contouring & more!

We have done three Beauty Boot Camps with Terri. The response has been tremendous with a good number of attendees scheduling consultations and treatments. They are fun, informative and the audience is very appreciative.

Terri has developed some wonderful techniques that have been very effective for the “aging face” I love her approach with implementing these into my practice via a beauty boot camp, which has significantly helped build my practice!Terri is outgoing, amusing and really engages the audience. It is an opportunity for them to have a girls’ night out. I would highly recommend Beauty Boot Camp as a marketing event for any cosmetic practices.

Dr. Linda Kelley
Cobb Wellness Center
Roswell, GA

From: lkincart@lohadcenter.com

Date: Friday, February 11, 2011, 8:48 PM

This letter is to address Terri Boyert and her involvement with the LOHAD Center.

Having a passion for wellness, I opened this clinic two years ago and envisioned a wellness center where people were assisted in achieving their optimum health, a place where patients create their best beauty “from the inside out”. We specialize in bio-identical hormone replacement, weight management, digestive enzymes supplementation and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. The business model has been successful and Lohad continues to grow.

As deep as my passion for wellness, was my passion to have a welcoming atmosphere. I needed the clinic to be staffed by not only the most educated, but the most compassionate and understanding staff. Each patient must be treated individually and leave believing they are the only patient we have.

At all levels, I have achieved this from our Medical Doctor, our nurses, administrative support and, most recently, Terri.

I met Terri a year ago and immediately knew that she was a perfect fit for the LOHAD Center. Her education and experience speaks for itself. She is widely respected in the cosmetic world and has worked and trained many doctors and nurses over the years. She is clearly an artist at heart and brings this additional talent to all of her work.

She is always bringing new ideas, new procedures and exciting additions to her repertoire of procedures. This keeps a sense of excitement to her work and keeps the customers always curious. And has helped to build our business more than I ever expected. Terri’s patients leave not only happy with there results but are passionate to help her grow and many refer there friends and family to her!

Beyond the experience is what she brings personally. Terri is wonderful with patients. She connects with them immediately on an intimate level and is able to discern what it is exactly that they want. She talks with them, takes the time to explain the process and works with them until they are completely happy with their results. It is wonderful to watch the transformation of the patients under her skillful hands.

Working with her on personal level has also been a rewarding experience. She is grounded and focused. She has a wealth of knowledge that I draw from in bringing new services into an existing practice and offers great suggestions on implementation.

Terri is an incredibly generous, giving person, one who I value as a business partner, confidant and friend. I would thoroughly recommend her being added to any practice and am confident that a decision to work with her would not only be lucrative, but personally rewarding.

I may be reached at (904) 645-8778 to answer any questions you may have.

Leslie Kincart
The LOHAD Center for Anti-Aging

Contact Terri Boyert @ 404-610-0749 or or send an email via our CONTACT PAGE for more information!